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Scary Corporates

So I was in class yesterday and the professor was talking about innovation and entrepreneurship.

Now my university has a business incubator where inventions created in our research departments and from the surrounding area are taken and helped turn them into a full fledged money making business.

The lesson he was trying to teach us was that the market is a living and breathing thing and will react to your innovation but not necessary in a good way.

Now for the interesting part, apparently one of the businesses was the invention of a cream that you rub on and removes hair permanently. Just like that! Imagine the implications!

But the rights to this invention were bought up by one of the big shaving companies, confidentiality agreements were signed and the cream was never heard of again.

I wonder what other things have been invented that we havnt heard of because of big corporates wanting to preserve their profits.


April 8, 2009 at 3:58 am 3 comments

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