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Have You Seen This Monster: Burberry Beast

Have you seen this monster? It usually roams the malls of Kuwait clad in an all Burberry pattern outfit with matching handbag and sometimes shoes, throwing people dirty looks and thinking they look amazing.

Like animals in the wild she uses this pattern to hypnotize and confuse her potential mate.

Did you know that they can mate and procreate? Yes indeed! When she finds a mate she will usually dress him in equally ugly Burberry patterned clothing such as a Burberry pattern jumpsuit and when they have a child you can bet your ass she has dressed the little girl in a little Burberry dress or if its a boy a Burberry shirt.

These creatures are not an endangered species, if you see them in the wild, feel free to shoot them on site :p

Sorry, but I was in London and I saw a blur of Burberry while sitting in Starbucks, I look up and it is a women in a Burberry jacket, with her husband in a Burberry jumpsuit, and their daughter in a Burberry dress. First of all I thought I didn’t have to deal with these people in London in the summer usually, second of all, I’m embarresed for them.

Lastly when I was home in winter, I went to Porsche Design in Marina only to find that they had shut it down and opened a Burberry Store instead. Like the 3agad of Kuwait need more access to Burberry?!?!

Sorry its been a frustrating day, so I had to rant about something or other :p


April 23, 2009 at 1:42 am 1 comment

It can wait…


Some people call it an illness…

Some people call it a bad habit…

I like to think that I’ve turned it into an art…

If you’ve done it, I’ve procrasinated doing it! That’s my motto!

I need to run errands, I need to do reading, I need to write a paper and I need to call a bunch of people who are angry at me for not calling them in a long time…………mabi

February 25, 2009 at 6:26 pm 7 comments

The Virgin Trap

The title sounds way worse than the topic actually is :p

This is just a mini rant about Virgin Megastore. I go there only to look at their book selection. I don’t buy music (I download) and I don’t buy their overpriced electronics either. Their magazine selection is barely worth a glance at this point, I assume the reason for this being that the Ministry has banned them from a lot of publications they used to bring or maybe they just don’t have room for magazines anymore.

So anywayz I go in there and look at the books they have laid out on the tables in the middle. I am a science fiction/fantasy buff for the most part and those books are usually on the tables in the middle rather than on the shelves for some reason. So anywayz every time I finally figure out the lay of the land and where they keep all the different kinds of books they go and change the order!

At first I thought “hey maybe they brought new books and hence were forced to move stuff around” but then when I looked around I realized that the books were the exact same ones they have had for weeks.

So I have come to conclusion that this is a trap set by Virgin in order for them to make you think they have new stuff and look around more. I can’t blame them, they have been reduced to a shadow of what a Virgin Megastore should actually be, so it is inevitable that they use these desperate ploys to trick customers.

…Okay so it wasn’t such a mini rant :p

October 23, 2007 at 11:55 pm 3 comments




So Monday I get a message from 3baid telling me that the K850i which I’ve been waiting for forever is out in Kuwait and that I can get it in Hawalli for 250 KD, he referred me to My K Blog. At this point I thought it was too expensive and so I didn’t even bother. Then yesterday he messages me at around 8pm telling me that they have it at Al Barrak for 180 KD, I got there at 9:15pm and they were sold out! 😦

I reserved one for when they get their next shipment next week. I can’t believe they were sold out so fast!

October 17, 2007 at 10:13 pm 3 comments

Shout Out To LEMSIP!

I’ve been sick this past week with the flu *cough* *sneeze*

I of course refuse to go to the doctor unless I am on the verge of death (I hate going to them, its scares me)

So I stick to my best friend, its been with me for years, through thick and thin, my best friend…LEMSIP! It always makes me feel better :p

P.S. I missed 3 days of work and am now officially freaking out about my work load!!!


September 26, 2007 at 5:30 pm 11 comments

No! I Respect You More!


Respect is a funny thing in our society. We are taught how important respect is, how we must respect others and be respected. This I agree with wholeheartedly. What I do not agree with is the current situation of fake respect that is become not about respecting others at all but about just doing some routine thing that has been ingrained in our brains or worse to show off that you are the more respectful person.

I am rambling…bear with me, I have a point I promise :p

My worst pet peeve is the whole “yimeen” thing, that is that the person on the right is the person who goes through the doorway first. THIS IS THE WORST TRADITION EVER! I hate it! You have to stand there arguing at the door for five minutes.

Person 1:”itfathal”

Person 2:”yimeen yimeen”

Person 1:”la 7asha, itfathal”

Person2: “la walla ma ijooz, yimeen”

Morbid: “Umm…can you guys decide sometime this century, Im late for work?”

They go on and on, I was going to a meeting yesterday and between the entrance of the building and the conference room there were 4 doorways and five of us. Do you have any idea how long it took to get to the conference room?!?!?

Its become more a competition about who is the more respectful than it is about respecting the other people, it is so obviously not sincere. I do not mean to say that the people that are doing this are fake, on the contrary they are some of the nicest people you will ever meet, but its just been ingrained in them.

I cant say I am much better, as much as I hate the “yimeen” tradition, if I am on the right and the other person walks through the doorway first without offering it to me I start thinking “Did that S.O.B. just disrespect me?!??!?”.

Anywayz, sorry for the rant, I will try to keep them to a minimum. Peace out and I hope you are all having a great Ramadan 🙂

September 17, 2007 at 8:53 pm 14 comments

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