Have You Seen This Monster: Burberry Beast

April 23, 2009 at 1:42 am 1 comment

Have you seen this monster? It usually roams the malls of Kuwait clad in an all Burberry pattern outfit with matching handbag and sometimes shoes, throwing people dirty looks and thinking they look amazing.

Like animals in the wild she uses this pattern to hypnotize and confuse her potential mate.

Did you know that they can mate and procreate? Yes indeed! When she finds a mate she will usually dress him in equally ugly Burberry patterned clothing such as a Burberry pattern jumpsuit and when they have a child you can bet your ass she has dressed the little girl in a little Burberry dress or if its a boy a Burberry shirt.

These creatures are not an endangered species, if you see them in the wild, feel free to shoot them on site :p

Sorry, but I was in London and I saw a blur of Burberry while sitting in Starbucks, I look up and it is a women in a Burberry jacket, with her husband in a Burberry jumpsuit, and their daughter in a Burberry dress. First of all I thought I didn’t have to deal with these people in London in the summer usually, second of all, I’m embarresed for them.

Lastly when I was home in winter, I went to Porsche Design in Marina only to find that they had shut it down and opened a Burberry Store instead. Like the 3agad of Kuwait need more access to Burberry?!?!

Sorry its been a frustrating day, so I had to rant about something or other :p


Entry filed under: Aaarggghhh!!!.

Crocodile Sneakers

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  • 1. elieruby  |  April 23, 2009 at 2:16 am

    hahahaha 😛 especially @ “dirty looks..”

    It’s true.

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