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Shout Out To LEMSIP!

I’ve been sick this past week with the flu *cough* *sneeze*

I of course refuse to go to the doctor unless I am on the verge of death (I hate going to them, its scares me)

So I stick to my best friend, its been with me for years, through thick and thin, my best friend…LEMSIP! It always makes me feel better :p

P.S. I missed 3 days of work and am now officially freaking out about my work load!!!



September 26, 2007 at 5:30 pm 11 comments

No! I Respect You More!


Respect is a funny thing in our society. We are taught how important respect is, how we must respect others and be respected. This I agree with wholeheartedly. What I do not agree with is the current situation of fake respect that is become not about respecting others at all but about just doing some routine thing that has been ingrained in our brains or worse to show off that you are the more respectful person.

I am rambling…bear with me, I have a point I promise :p

My worst pet peeve is the whole “yimeen” thing, that is that the person on the right is the person who goes through the doorway first. THIS IS THE WORST TRADITION EVER! I hate it! You have to stand there arguing at the door for five minutes.

Person 1:”itfathal”

Person 2:”yimeen yimeen”

Person 1:”la 7asha, itfathal”

Person2: “la walla ma ijooz, yimeen”

Morbid: “Umm…can you guys decide sometime this century, Im late for work?”

They go on and on, I was going to a meeting yesterday and between the entrance of the building and the conference room there were 4 doorways and five of us. Do you have any idea how long it took to get to the conference room?!?!?

Its become more a competition about who is the more respectful than it is about respecting the other people, it is so obviously not sincere. I do not mean to say that the people that are doing this are fake, on the contrary they are some of the nicest people you will ever meet, but its just been ingrained in them.

I cant say I am much better, as much as I hate the “yimeen” tradition, if I am on the right and the other person walks through the doorway first without offering it to me I start thinking “Did that S.O.B. just disrespect me?!??!?”.

Anywayz, sorry for the rant, I will try to keep them to a minimum. Peace out and I hope you are all having a great Ramadan 🙂

September 17, 2007 at 8:53 pm 14 comments

Arabic Superheroes


I saw an advertisement for this on Dubai One and thought it was interesting. I went and checked the website and was pleasantly surprised, I was expecting a tacky childlike website but found a really cool website where you can find out lots of information and download the comic itself. A lot of the time when they try to make Arabic cartoons/comics/books they look really bad and I always feel disappointed because if other people can get it right why cant we? But this one actually looks good, I have not had the chance to actually read it yet because I am at work, but I intend to once I get home. The concept of it is nice, it takes place in Dubai in 2020 AD, so its futuristic and yet the hero is from the past so its still culturally relevant.

Anyways I just thought it was interesting and that it should be encouraged 🙂

September 13, 2007 at 9:10 am 6 comments



In case you have been living under a rock for the past few weeks you may have seen one or two million of these signs around Kuwait. They are everywhere! Its like they realized that nobody would like the idea so they decided to just bombard you with it until it grows on you (like a fungus). I was in Hawalli yesterday and MTC had bought all the phone shops that sell MTC lines new signs. These new signs were all standardized with the light teal background and the Zain logo, the name of the store is written on them (all the signs used the same font, thats how I knew MTC did it, coz lets face it, those shops in Hawalli would never be able to all stick to one font).

Whats even funnier is that my dad was out of the country for a couple of months and when I told him that MTC changed their name to Zain he said “ma fahamt, 7athi nikta yideeda?”. He actually thought I was kidding, so then I had to explain the whole fiasco to him.

The worst part is, that I actually think I am growing used to it, the more I see the logo and name the less it bothers me. THEY ARE GETTING INTO MY HEAD!!!!

September 10, 2007 at 8:39 am 13 comments

Apple is a Meany!!!


Interesting article about how article is using its power to force people to use more of its products. I never really thought about it, I just know I want everything they make. We are not used to hearing criticism about Apple, we usually hear people putting down Microsoft (rightly so in my opinion).

September 7, 2007 at 7:26 pm 5 comments

Relax & De-Stress


I realized that we sometimes get very stressed out and have no way to ease the tension we feel inside. It builds up and builds up until we feel like we are going to explode. Whats worse is that a lot of the time instead of trying to relax, we obsess about how we stressed out we are, which just makes us feel worse.

So I decided to make a post about the different things I do to try to destress.

– Drinking Green or Chamomile tea.

– Listening to my music and rocking out in my head.

– Trying to close off all my senses (closing the lights, lying down in bed and breathing deeply)

– Taking a nice long shower

– Going for a drive when the weather is nice.

So these are the ways I De-Stress, if you have any ways of your own please share them, I’m always looking for new things to do that will help me cope.

September 5, 2007 at 9:55 pm 17 comments

Badass Batteries


These look so kewl! I’m such a sucker for a gimmick! You think as someone who studied marketing in Uni I wouldn’t fall for this stuff, but I still do 🙂

September 3, 2007 at 7:51 pm 12 comments

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